Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bread & Cie v. Con Pane

On Tuesday, my friends Sara and Susan and their babies and I met for a picnic lunch near the Cove in La Jolla. Susan picked up sandwiches and macaroons from Bread and Cie and I baked some cookies and brought chips (the cookie recipe is coming). Sara brought fresh fruit and beverages. My sandwich was Bread and Cie's tuna, which I like to order on jalapeno cheese bread.

I love their tuna, there is no mayo involved - instead it's mixed with lemon and tapenade and a little olive oil. It's topped with arugula, sliced egg and fresh tomato. The effect is something like a Nicoise salad on bread. They also make a good muffuletta, and they have some panini sandwiches that are available in house.

Fiona is skeptical of the camera

Bailey prefers her bunny's ear

A couple of weeks ago, I finally made it over to Con Pane, on Rosecrans in Point Loma. I had eaten one of their sandwiches before, but I hadn't been to the bakery. The first time I tried to go, it was Wednesday and they were closed. When I went back a few days later, the place was packed. The tables were full and very few people had food - so I knew I was in for a long wait. When I got to the front of the line, I ordered two cookies, a baguette, one of their focaccia breads and a half of a roast beef sandwich. I was starving, coming straight from a yoga class, so I picked at the cookies while I waited. The sandwich took thirty minutes, but was delicious nonetheless. The bread was soft and chewy with a crisp crust, and the roast beef, goat cheese, red onion and tomato were a really good combination. I have also had their Turkey Cobb sandwich, and it was also good - but it comes with "roasted tomatoes" as opposed to fresh. I personally prefer the juiciness of a fresh tomato, but I am sure they would substitute if asked.

The take-home goods were also excellent. Overall, I think their bread matches up to Bread & Cie, and the sandwiches might even be better - though I do like that tuna. If you go to the cafe though, be prepared for a long wait - or better yet, call ahead. I like the idea of calling ahead and ordering takeout for a picnic. For more info, check out this blog entry from Food Chronicles.

Bread and Cie's location is more convenient, and their service is a little faster, but it can be a bit lazy. On a recent visit, two of the items they gave me were incorrect. Bread and Cie has a wider selection of pastries and desserts, and though I think they are too big (about 4-6 inches across) they are very good . I particularly like their lemon bread, scones and the fig and anise bread.

Bread & Cie
350 University Ave.,
San Diego, CA 92103
open 7AM to 7PM M-F
7AM to 6 PM Sa-Sun
Take credit cards (they didn't used to)

Con Pane Rustic Breads and Cafe
1110 Rosecrans (corner of Canon)
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 224-4344
Closed Wednesdays
open 7AM to 6PM M, Tu, Th, F
Sat 8AM to 6PM
Sun 8AM to 4PM
No credit cards, but they do take checks.


  1. Good to know that you liked their sandwiches. I occasionally buy their bread and really like a leaf that is raisin and hazelnut I beleive. It's not very sweet so it would be good for sandwiches.

    Dang, now you have me craving that bread... Luckily, I'll be in the neighborhood:)

  2. Con Pane Rustic Breads has moved to Liberty Station. Their new address is 2750 Dewey Road, Suite 105, San Diego, CA 92106. Con Pane is located at the corner of Dewey and Historic Decatur next to Tin Fish, Point Loma Sports Bar and Ace Hardware.

  3. And, Con Pane takes Visa and Mastercard now. :D