Thursday, June 08, 2006

Latest Obsessions

  1. Baking Cakes (I must be demented, because I am terrible at this!)
  2. Sandwiches, preferably filled with exotic and/or unusual ingredients. Bonus points if those ingredients melt.
  3. Suzanne Goins' food and the Lucques cookbook
  4. "Artisan" cocktails made with fresh juices and mint or other herbs. Mmmmmm.
  5. Trying out some of the Asian restaurants in Kearny Mesa - which remained a mystery to me until I discovered Kirk's blog mmm-yoso!!! and some of the interesting recommendations on Chowhound.
  6. Checking out all of the other terrifically amusing food blogs on the internet. I have a ton of links to add when I get around to it!
  7. Trying to figure out how to convince my husband to take me to Italy for our next vacation. (He doesn't like to fly.)
  8. Fantasizing about moving to far-flung Northern California (Arcata and environs), to raise goats and make cheese. I also fantasize that I will have a catering business there. I should probably win the lottery first, since none of that will likely make me any money.
  9. Exotic cocktail snacks, like chaat, truffled popcorn, fried chickpeas, etc.
  10. Pink wines that are not white zinfandel. I had some Vin Gris de Pinot Noir from Robert Sinskey a couple of years ago, and I can't get it out of my mind.
  11. Getting my hands on some Rombauer Joy
  12. Photography, especially taking pictures of my friends' babies.
  13. The new dining scene in North Park/South Park. (I would have loved to buy a house in that neighborhood, but my husband was not willing to spend $600K for a house that had only one bathroom.)
  14. Domino magazine - I love looking at home decor or "shelter" magazines. I really need to get out and comb the local antique and second hand stores for interesting objects for the house.
  15. Composting and Recycling.
  16. Big Love - now that it's over for the season I guess this doesn't really count, but I love that show. Ditto Top Chef on Bravo.
  17. Parisian Macaroons - I had some fantastic ones at Bay Bread in San Francisco (especially the caramel and lemon) and have not found any in San Diego to match them, though the ones made by Opera Patisserie are a swell substitute.
  18. Artisan cheese shops, like Venissimo, Taste and Aniata Cheese Company
  19. Making ice cream and frozen yogurt
  20. Humanely raised, organic and grass fed meats. Why aren't they more widely available??
  21. Attempting to make my own fresh ricotta cheese and creme fraiche. I haven't tried this yet, but when I do I will definitely write about it.
  22. Trolling on ITunes - linking from artist to artist and song to song to find new music I never knew I liked.
  23. Going to a hot springs (like Glen Ivy or similar). I've never been.
  24. Honey Moon Viognier (at Trader Joes.) At $4.99 per bottle, it's beyond our usual budget for the daily bottle of wine, but I am addicted.
  25. Learning to throw pots and work with clay. I have always wanted to do this and my desire has been renewed since I walked by Plum Pottery on the way to Vagabond the other night. I should take a class.


  1. Lovely list! Let me know if you'd like to hit some secondhand and/or antique shops sometime ...

  2. Thanks Rorie - I would like that! I have been meaning to go down to OB - one of the shops I liked that used to be in University Heights moved there. I also like some of the stores on Adams and on India Street.

  3. Quite a list. How do you find time to sleep? ;O)

  4. Welcome to food blogging! You've got some list and who knows where food blogging leads ... lots of unexpected consequences in this unlikely world. BTW start with creme fraiche and ricotta, two easy-easy ones!

  5. Great list! I'm right there with you on wanting to try all those Asian restaurants Kirk raves about. Sometimes I'm a little intimidated as I don't speak any Asian languages and while I'm fairly adventurous to Americans, I'm extremely tame when it compares to some of the things Kirk eats. (That's why I live vicariously through you, kirk!)

    Let me know if you attempt any of them or if you need a companion (although I'm not eating any gross like animal genitalia)! :)