Friday, August 11, 2006

Blackberry-Mint Margaritas

The recipe for these luscious-looking beverages comes from the Hungry Cat restaurant in Los Angeles. Owned by Suzanne Goin (of Lucques and A.O.C.) and her husband, David Lentz (who is also the chef) the restaurant is famous for its innovative cocktails made with fresh ingredients. (According to their website, they are opening a second location in Santa Barbara in December.)
I actually ran across the recipe online, and emailed it to my friend Tracy with the subject line "Doesn't this sound good?" Well, this past weekend, we finally had the chance to try them. I think they look even better than they sound, and I can now tell you from personal experience that they taste fantastic.
We enjoyed these while staying in a cabin in Julian - where we had a fabulous time. I had never been up there for more than just a day trip, but the area surrounding the town is beautiful and we stayed in a wonderful place - the Artist's Loft at Big Cat Cabin.

Blackberry-Mint Margaritas
Adapted from the Hungry Cat in Hollywood
1 2-pint box of fresh blackberries
a generous handful of mint leaves, washed and torn into 1/2 inch pieces
2 Tablespoons sugar
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup lime juice (or to taste)
1 cup Reposado tequila (we used Sauza Hornitos)

Place the sugar and water in a glass measuring cup in the microwave, and heat on high for thirty seconds, or until the sugar is dissolved. Add a few ice cubes to cool to room temperature.
Fill four rocks glasses with ice.
Skewer two blackberries on toothpicks, one for each drink (we couldn't do this because we didn't have toothpicks.)
Muddle the blackberries and lime juice in a pitcher, add the sugar syrup, mint and tequila and stir to blend. Pour over ice and garnish with skewered berries.
Serves 4


  1. alice, these seriously sound (and look) fantastic! if i ever stop being lazy about my drinks i'm definately going to try this one out.

  2. Captain Jack8/13/06, 8:18 PM

    I like the sound of the new blog. I love to travel too. I am planning to hit Laja in the Guadalupe Vally as soon as the weather cools down. Are you going to stay in Ensenada or are there hotels in the valley?

  3. Sounds so refreshing! Do you think it would still taste great without the alcohol?