Thursday, September 07, 2006

20 Things to Do Now That Summer is Ending

  1. Plant cactus garden and build a dry streambed Done!
  2. Make ice cream a couple more times.(One down!)
  3. Gorge on corn, heirloom tomatoes, and berries.
  4. Look forward to the HBO fall schedule.
  5. Go to Great News and buy supplies for pastry class (I need a scale).
  6. Get a cool new lunch box or bag to take to work. Done - more on this later.
  7. Start thumbing through the fall recipes in Sunday Suppers at Lucques.
  8. Go antiquing in OB and on India Street.
  9. Start making jewelry again.
  10. Go to the beach and go snorkeling before the water gets too cold.
  11. Clean out the kitchen cabinets and reorganize the pantry.
  12. Get ready for our upcoming trip to the Baja wine country and Laja.
  13. Start planning the box garden for planting next spring.
  14. Cancel Be Wise Membership when it expires and start grocery shopping at People's and the Farmers Mkt (more on this later)
  15. Start buying red wine again.
  16. Try for reservation at El Bulli next fall.
  17. Throw the first annual "End of Summer" Supper this Saturday (the Saturday after Labor Day Weekend.)
  18. Start baking again (practice for class!)
  19. Stock up on wood for the fireplace.
  20. Start a new book (finished Heat - now on A Movable Feast by Hemingway)
  21. Start planning our trip to San Francisco in October November or December.


  1. A Moveable Feast is my favorite Hemingway book...loved it! How do you like it so far?

  2. I just started it last night and didn't get very far (I read before bed and sometimes I don't get very far before I fall asleep!) but I will let you know when I get further into it! I'm looking forward to it. I really liked Heat - it grew on me as I read through it. I'll probably write something on it a little later

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing about Bewise! I'm considering my subscription at the moment and it seems like the quantity and quality has gone down. Especially that huge bag of mixed greens that is usually off even before we get a chance to use it.

  4. oh! please post which scale you decide to buy. i've been looking for one for ages and haven't found any that really "speak to me" (as much as a kitchen item should speak!). also, intrigued by no. 14 and hemingway is one of my favorite authors. yay for lists!

  5. love yr list! we are doing a little list play over at my blog if you like! Love yr blog!