Saturday, October 14, 2006

20 23 Things to Do Now That It's Fall

  1. make shortribs and beef curry and post recipes...Mmmmm....
  2. toast some pumpkin seeds
  3. start taking hot baths again (with lavender oil!)
  4. snack on organic gala apples
  5. go to San Francisco for Veteran's Day weekend (I can't wait!)
  6. make lentil soup
  7. drink red wine
  8. bake bread (see two prior posts)
  9. get out the down comforter
  10. slow roast something
  11. try Jamie Oliver's lasagna recipe from Jamie's Dinners
  12. roast beets and use them in salads
  13. start xmas shopping (I always wait too long!)
  14. get a massage and a facial
  15. get a headlamp for me and flashing collars for the puppies, so I can walk them after dark
  16. make panini sandwiches (good with soup!)
  17. light a fire in the fireplace
  18. curl up with a good book
  19. try and stay away from the halloween candy that I bought, even though we have no trick or treaters.
  20. get all my favorite fall shoes and boots re-done for yet another season
  21. Go see Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, and Michael Gondry's Science of Sleep
  22. Go to yoga more often
  23. Watch football on Sunday afternoons (Go Chargers!!)


  1. A headlamp for walking the pups? That has GOT to look sharp! : ) Be sure to post a picture!

  2. "science of sleep" is pretty great.

  3. I see one of your "coming soons" is about Apertivo. We just went there on Saturday night, and I'm conflicted about it. Can't wait to hear your take on it.


  4. I'm dying to see both movies you mentioned. Have fun in San Fran in November! That's a very good list.