Monday, October 30, 2006

Things I'm Really Liking Right Now

  1. Baking with whole grain pastry flour
  2. The look of a pencil skirt with a white shirt and slingback heels
  3. Written correspondence on letterpress stationery.
  4. Black and white graphics
  5. Pellegrino with lime
  6. Domino and Blueprint magazines.
  7. Groovy 70s enameled cast iron and earthenware cookware and bakeware
  8. Red Coral jewelry
  9. J. Crew sweaters (great quality and I love the colors)
  10. Baking bread
  11. Homemade granola
  12. Ikea housewares
  13. Double espressos
  14. Moby on my ipod
  15. The idea of a throwing a catered dinner party


  1. oooh! beware of uncle eddie's cookies. they are addictive (and, unfortunately, even though they're vegan, super high in fat and calories, just like "regular" cookies!).

  2. I have to chime in and agree with you on the whole wheat pastry flour. It tastes great (and often indetectable) in everything I've made with it. And those vosges bars...awesome!