Monday, February 26, 2007

Dinner at Jayne's

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On Valentine's Day, we were among the fortunate invited to dine at Jayne's Gastropub in North Park on their first night of dinner service. I had eaten lunch there before and enjoyed it, and I was looking forward to seeing what they would offer for dinner. (Unfortunately, they are now open only for dinner - but I am hoping that will change when they realize there is demand for them to serve both!)

Jayne's is adorably decorated in vintage-style black and white - with a small bar, an open kitchen and a garden courtyard in the back that will be open in the warmer months. The menu is simple but elegant, offering bistro-style dishes with an English flair - in the tradition of a British gastropub. I had the short ribs, which were served with some phenomenal mashed potatoes and nice crisp vegetables in a port wine sauce. My husband had the free range chicken, which was reminiscent of Zuni chicken with side of couscous with arugula and currants. Our friend Tracy had the caesar salad which is served in whole spears (very lemony and garlicky - just like I like it) and she ordered a side of frites - which were amazing. They were a bit thinner than they had been at lunch, and they were crisp and well salted. Even better than Cafe Chloe's in my opinion. We started with the calamari, which were tender and crisp and served with a housemade spicy cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. For dessert we had the butterscotch creme brulee and the brownie with vanilla gelato - both very good. They also serve good coffee, with real whipping cream.

It looks like they have added their burger and the Sea Bass fish and chips back to the menu since then - otherwise everything else is the same as opening night. (I'm looking forward to going back and trying the halibut!) The crostini appetizer also looked interesting - with a bowl of the bean puree in the middle, and the levain bread and peppers stacked on the sides.

They have a simple short wine list (its beer and wine only). We had a bottle of Albarino and I had a glass of the "Innocent Bystander" Pinot with my meal - love that name. The owners are lovely and gracious hosts - and I really think they will do well. I know several other couples who dined there shortly after we did. They also liked it, and said it was quite crowded.

They are located on 30th close to Adams, right next door to Air Conditioned. You can't miss it - it's the cutest building on the block!

Jayne's Gastropub
4677 Adams Avenue
619. 563.1011


  1. Captain Jack2/28/07, 9:04 AM

    The short ribs and mashed potatoes sound great. I will have to give Jayne's a try.


  2. Cool, cant wait to give it a try! Thanks for the review, sounds lovely.

  3. I love how every time you post, it's either about ribs or cake! Mmmm. We are so on the same wavelength :P

  4. Ok, that is funny, we even used the same title! We're doing Hodad's next week in case you were planning on it. :-)