Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer To Do List

  1. drink lots of Trader Joes Iced Green and White Tea with Mint - mixed with a few drops of lemon simple syrup (simple syrup made with lemon juice instead of water.) Sooo refreshing.
  2. drink lots of Syrah Rose and Rioja
  3. wait anxiously for the delivery of the patio furniture next week (I got some of it as floor samples - hooray for sales!)
  4. make homemade ricotta and mozzarella cheese to eat with my upcoming homegrown tomatoes
  5. read Harry Potter (or as my husband likes to call it "Hairy Pooper" - he's very mature) while drinking above-mentioned iced tea and lounging on above-mentioned patio furniture.
  6. finish my summary judgment motion before doing any of the rest of the above
  7. somewhere in there, throw a dinner party
  8. go to the Slow Food Santa Maria BBQ this Sunday at Balboa Park put on by the Linkery (and you should too!)
  9. fantasize about all of the fun things I could be doing if I didn't have to work all summer. Sometimes, I really do wish we were more like the French!


  1. p.s. you almost forgot! visit very good friend who now lives on the East Coast in San Francisco - decide on fun place for dinner!

  2. Oh sweetie, that's a whole separate post! :-) In fact, I have so many plans for us it will make your head spin. You weren't really planning to go to to that conference, were you? ;-)

  3. We are going to the Slow Food BBQ on Sunday too, but may get there a little late. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

  4. Have you finished Harry Potter yet?

  5. Heather - I haven't, and it's taunting me! (I'm still working on No. 7 - aargh!)