Friday, August 03, 2007

5 Years And Counting!

James and Alice
Today is our fifth wedding anniversary - my how the time has flown! I am a happy, lucky girl, thanks to my darling husband.

Do you know what he did today?

After securing my agreement that we wouldn't buy each other gifts, he went out and bought me a bottle of Dom Perignon (which I've never tasted before) and one of these. I did need a new phone, and a new iPod, so I guess it makes sense in a way, but still...

I probably should have known better since he's done this sort of thing before, but all I got him was a card.

I guess I'll just have to figure out a way to make it up to him!

Happy Anniversary Darling!


  1. Happy Anniversary AliceQ!

  2. Awww. How sweet! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  3. welcome to the iphone family!
    where was this picture taken?
    i need a copy . . . it's fabulous.
    happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anni! Great photo, by the way! More importantly, where are you two going for dinner??

  5. Thanks you guys! The picture was taken at a wedding last year - you can't see much of it, but James is wearing his kilt.

    We have a Friday night ritual of spending the evening at home together, and we'll do that tonight - with that bottle of Dom Perignon! Tomorrow we are going to a party. James was supposed to start trial next week, so we haven't picked a date yet, but we're thinking about going to El Bizcocho to celebrate.

  6. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary AliceQ! and many, many, more

  8. Captain Jack8/5/07, 2:42 PM

    Happy Anniversary! You two make a cute couple :)

  9. Thanks Cathy, Koko and Jack! The iPhone is pretty amazing, I do have to say. The champagne was spectacular as well - of course. How could it not be? Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

  10. Happy Anniversary! Best wishes for many more to come!

  11. Happy anniversary.

    He got you an iphone??!!! Yeah, you better do some shopping soon

  12. I do love a man in a skirt! Congrats, you two, and many more happy years to come. We're coming up on our anniversary ourselves -- 14 years "married", but 15 altogether. I think appreciation of food contributes to longevity in relationships.

  13. Thanks you Sean, Lotus, Patricia and Cheryl! I am loving the iphone, I must say. I had no idea how cool they were!