Monday, August 20, 2007

Places to Go, People to See

SF 8.16.07 001
I'm back from San Francisco - no time to write now, I'm already late for work, but here are the photos.

More juicy details to come!


  1. Wow, the picture of that Oliveto menu almost brought tears to my eyes. I recently moved back to San Diego after living in the Bay Area for several years -- the last few spent living on College Ave. no more than 2 blocks from Oliveto -- and I miss the food scene up there immensely. Since moving down here, I've been enjoying lurking on your blog, in part because it has tipped me off to great foodie finds in San Diego. Thank you!

  2. Alice - thanks for the comments! So glad to hear you'll be undertaking a similar adventure this September. Let's share info and collaborate! It's always better with a crowd...