Wednesday, August 15, 2007

San Francisco Again

Ferry Building
I'm headed back up to The City this weekend, and I am just so excited. This time - unlike the last visit - the trip is purely for pleasure. I have no excuses for not hitting all of the spots on my list, other than time - I'm only there for three nights. I'm also really excited to see my good friend Tracy, who will be in town from the East Coast. It will be our first reunion since she moved! Here is my intended itinerary:
  1. Arrive at Oakland Airport - pick up rental car and drive to Rockridge - have a solo lunch at the Cafe downstairs at Oliveto.
  2. Go to the Markethall , La Farine and window shop on College Ave.
  3. If the timing works out, go visit Shuna at the Berkeley Farmers Market and buy some Amazing Peaches.
  4. Cross the bridge and head to Tommy's
  5. Meet up with Sam, Amy and a few other friends for a glass of champagne at Bastille at 6:30 (Any other takers? Come one come all!)
  6. Head up the hill for a sushi dinner at Bar Crudo
  7. Friday - meet Joy for lunch at Pizzeria Delfina - with Bi Rite Creamery to follow. Mmmmm....
  8. Friday afternoon - unscheduled time - Ferry Building perhaps??
  9. Friday night - dinner at Boulevard with Tommy and Tracy (my favorite restaurant and two of my favorite people - what could be better?)
  10. Saturday is unscheduled. Maybe the Farmers Market (depending on how many Boulevard Pink Limonades I drink the night before) Maybe flipping through records and concert posters at Amoeba in the Haight - maybe the De Young Museum - the Arboretum - Fillmore Street - Maybe a trip to Mill Valley to see some friends.
  11. Sunday - breakfast at Boulette's Larder or Cafe Fanny before heading to the airport at noon!

Don't worry Amy - I haven't forgotten you!!


  1. A timely post. We're talking about a visit to San Francisco this fall [my first ever]. I'll definitely add some of your choices here to my list.

  2. If you've never been (doubtful, if you have much SF experience), you might want to squeeze in a dinner at Zuni Cafe on Saturday. A SF icon, and consistently one of the best restaurants SF offers. My wife and I just returned to San Diego from a 2-year "exile" in Sacramento, where once-a-month trips to SF were de rigeur, and we already desperately miss Zuni....along with many many other restaurants, bars, etc.

    And, oh yes, if you have any predilection for gin, then by all means try Bar Absinthe, at Hayes and Gough - true gin genuises. (And the food is terrific as well!)

  3. You lucky girl! How fun - I hope you have a fantastic time in SFO - I'm sure you will. Don't worry - I have just over 2 weeks to form my "plan of attack." :-)

  4. Well perhaps we will cross paths at the Farmers Market on Saturday. Having done it hung over many, many times, I can attest it's tonic.

  5. Have fun! I was just in Oakland this past weekend and ate pastries from La Farine every morning - excellent eclairs and this cinnamon sugar croissant wonder called a morning bun that is insane. A few doors down is Cole Coffee where they custom grind and Melitta filter each cup. If you have time - try Bakesale Betty. Incredible baked goods and their famous fried chicken sandwich.

  6. Also - the Artic Char at Bar Crudo is delicious!

  7. hi alice q,

    you should try Dottie's pancakes if ya have time. Amazing breakfast!

  8. ooopps, forgot to leave ya this...

    here's Dotties's-True-Blue-Cafe-1592193/Pancakes-part-of-The-Open-Road-19651

  9. You've got a plan, and how lucky you are to have a fun and exciting excusion on the horizon( and what fun to meet fellow bloggers I can only read about!)