Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Super Local Summer BBQ

The Super Local Summer BBQ
September 15, 2007

"Robertson Estate" Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade
Hangar One Vodka
Sodas and Assorted Local Beers

Oasis Hummus
La Salsa Chilena Chips and Salsa
Winchester Gouda cheese
Herbed Queso Fresco with Fresh Vegetables

Deviled San Pasqual Academy Eggs
Rancho Gordo Yellow Indian Woman Beans
Farmer’s Market Heirloom Tomato and Basil Salad
with Burrata Cheese

Brandt Beef Burgers
Linkery Sausages
Bread on Market Rolls

Homemade Spicy Ketchup and Grain Mustard
Shaved Medium-Aged Winchester Gouda
Pickled Red Onions
Onions, Tomatoes and Leaf Lettuces

Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
"Boulevard" Hot Fudge
Salted Peanuts
Whipped Cream

Chocolate Caramel Tart Bites
Brownie Bites

I know I've been a delinquent blogger as of late, but I have an excuse. I was busy preparing for the party we threw last Saturday - the first one since we re-did our backyard specifically for that purpose. It was great to see everyone out there enjoying themselves. If you came, I hope you had a good time!

Jay from the Linkery supplied us with the meat, burgers and sausages at a very reasonable price, and we bought cheeses from Taste in Hillcrest (including local Gouda from Winchester, near Temecula), veggies from the La Mesa and Hillcrest Farmers Markets, dairy from Strauss, beans from Rancho Gordo (not San Diego local, but small and conscientious - plus Steve is just really cool) and I made some other stuff from local produce - including pretty decent batches of ketchup and homemade mustard. We also made (actually, Jodi made) a huge batch of lemonade from the lemons off our tree - which we served in one of those giant glass spigot jars.

I'm also overdue on my last San Francisco post, and I'm going to the Gourmet Institute in October, so any of you New Yorkers out there, please feel free to give me some recommendations. So far, Doughnut Plant, Balthazar, the Spotted Pig and the Shake Shack are on the list, but who knows how much I'll have time for - much of the time will be scheduled, and I have some friends I want to visit. I'm very excited though, it should be a lot of fun.

If anyone else is going, please feel free to drop me a line - I will be all on my own in the Big City!


  1. Run, do not walk, to the Spotted Pig. My wife and I just had dinner there recently and it was fantastic; one of the best meals we've ever had in NYC. Plus, we also got a nice shot of celebrity-spotting while waiting for our table at the local pub around the corner: Will Arnett from Arrested Development, one of our favorite shows. I acted like a silly fan.

    I'd also highly recommend Aquavit if you've never been (our mutual friends the Francos would back me up on that one), and a small tapas bar in the VIllage, Tia Pol - very informal, small and cramped, but excellent sangria and food.

  2. I love your backyard. Now I hate mine. Bah.

    Wow, I didn't realize you made the ketchup. I had a burger and it was really good. Thanks also for the tomatoes and cheese. They were great for lunch. Everything was good, though. We had a nice time:)

    I'm so jealous you get to go to NY. I would say you have to, have to try il laboratorio del gelato on Orchard Street if you haven't had it yet. They have such interesting flavors (my faves were sesame and green fig) that are so pure in flavor. Yum.

    Shake Shack is really good. Just the plain Shack Burger. Nothin fancy.

    We also really liked Veritas. A nice intimate place and the food was great and the service was awesome (everyone did everything, the sommelier cleared plates, the hostess filled water, it felt very familial, if that makes sense). Plus it's just a couple blocks from the Flatiron Building and the Shake Shack.

    We also like Del Posto. We ate at the Enoteca which has a much less expensive tasting menu and really enjoyed it.

    If you stop in at the Shops at Columbus Circle in the Time Warner Center, grab a pastry at Bouchon Bakery (not the cafe) and take a quick run through the fairly large Whole Foods in the basement level.

    Have tons of fun! If you decide to try some huitlacoche, email me (so I can talk you out of it! Just kidding).

  3. MAN, I am so sorry I missed this. But before we hit the Padres game (and we got to see the relative pitch!) we had dinner at Cafe Chloe, which was pretty awesome.

  4. Alice, sounds like a great spread! I'm sad that I missed it.. I had an old friend in town and we were up in Cardiff for the day visiting my parents. I hope you have another one of these.. it looks like it was fun!

  5. I leave San Diego and you finally have a BBq. Figures, right?

    Nice to see that it's still all sunny and warm in SD. Summer pretty much ended here a few weeks ago, we'll get a few weeks of fall, then right into winter we'll go.

    I'll be thinking about those warm winter days in January...