Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Central Coast and Other Adventures...

I just got around to putting up the last batch of photos from our Central Coast adventure on Flickr - if you're interested, just click on any of the other photos below (not the collage though) to get to the page. I'm posting this fron my iPhone now, because I'm in San Francisco on a little girl's weekend with my friend Susan. Tony Bourdain is going to think I'm stalking him- he was signing books this morning at Book Passage at the Ferry Building. Love that man.

In addition to the Ferry Building, we've also hit Delfina Pizzeria and BiRite Creamery, and I finally made it to Zuni. Their fantastic burger really hit the spot after a long flight delay! We also popped into Bittersweet on Fillmore for hot chocolate - which was perfect on a foggy afternoon. Tonight we're planning to go to Foreign Cinema, and tomorrow I'm hoping we wake up in time to hit Cafe Fanny before catching our flight - and pick up some Acme bread to take home. I'd especially like to get some to take back to Jora and Bryan - who just welcomed little Juliet into the world this morning. Congratulations to them!

More to come - lots more - when I can find the time. At least this coming weekend will be a long one!

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  1. Woah! I'm glad she was able to sneak in one last cooking club. Hee!