Monday, January 28, 2008

Restaurant Week Update and Dinner at Blanca

Restaurant Week at Blanca
We just returned from dinner at Blanca - long story short, we really liked it. I also wanted to point out this thread on Chowhound where people are weighing in with their experiences - I'll have a more detailed report up soon with more photos, etc., but since time is of the essence, thought you might like a quick update (especially you Maia!) Update - more photos here!

Here's my post:

Just did Blanca for restaurant week - we liked it a lot. We had a party of 4, and ordered everything on the resto week menu, plus a few things off the menu. My husband had the carpaccio with caesar salad and a veal ravioli dish that was out of this world. We also tried the lobster sausage corn dogs - which were fun and tasty - we especially liked the lavender mustard and green tomato ketchup alongside - we just wished we had more corn dogs to dip in it. The hamachi was also good - maybe a little too much sauce on top, it kind of overpowered the delicate fish. They pour a light ponzu soy sauce over it at the table.

I ordered the salad and scallops off the resto week menu - other choices were a cauliflower soup (though the online menu says chestnut) and a short rib main. I tasted the soup and it was phenomenal. The salad was fine - bitter greens, bleu cheese, pears and candied walnuts. The two mains were both were very good, but I was really blown away by that veal dish - and it's only $26.

Desserts were a butterscotch pot de creme that was actually a pudding and a lemon cheesecake. James also ordered the cheeses, which were AMAZING. Four little indiviudal composed plates with accompaniments and what amounted to practically a whole loaf of bread. After dessert they brought little chocolates as a mignardise.

We really liked the vibe of the room and the service was excellent. Better than Market on Saturday night, though Market's food is probably just as good, technically speaking.

I also had the impression that Blanca's regular menu was more expensive overall with entrees in the 30s - 40s, but I saw many in the 20s. I would definitely go back.

As you might notice, the best things we ordered actually weren't on the resto week menu, so I couldn't say there's any urgent need to hightail it over there just for that. Overall though I think I enjoyed it more than our meal at Market on Saturday. More on that later.

Speaking of Chowhound, I'm joining some of my fellow board-buddies for a good old fashioned "Chowdown" at the Imperial Ave. Farmers' Market this Sat. at 10 AM. I am excited to put faces to names, and of course to sample the great Mexican eats. Should be a good time!


  1. I missed your yule log so came looking for your Lemon Pie.

  2. Hi Barbara! I know - I'm bummed but I just didn't have time for the pie with the Fancy Food Show tours this month. I am hoping to get back in the swing with next month's challenge though.

    Maia - you're welcome - hope you'll come back and let us know how you liked it!