Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Super Cake-alicious

Birthday Banana Cake
Between my birthday last Thursday and two baby parties this weekend, I think I probably ate more cake (specifically, frosting) than a person should in the span of four days. But it sure was fun!

On Thursday, my birthday proper, my parents had us over for dinner and my mom made a Sock it To Me Cake - a classic bundt cake with a cinnamon streusel filling and powdered sugar glaze. It's kind of like a coffee cake, but over the years, it's become the family go to for birthdays too. It's one of those things I can never make quite as well as my mother does, for whatever reason. Funny little factoid - the recipe was first given to my mom about thirty-five years ago by Gail Loeb - mother of Lisa Loeb.

On Friday we went over to friends Jora and Brian's for dinner - where they plied us with Pomegranate Margaritas, Chorizo con Queso, Tequila Shrimp, and the beautifully decorated cake you see at the top, Molly's Banana Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting. Jora and Brian's little boy Charlie picked out the decorations for me.

Then on the weekend, there were the two baby parties - Lisa's shower cake was from Flour Power- strawberry bagatelle - the mom-to-be's very favorite, and the Wheelers' was from CAKE (formerly known as "Fab Cakes" hence the website name) - currently online only, but soon slated to open a cafe, so I am told. If you've been looking for an alternative to Extraordinary Desserts for special occasion cakes, you've found it. They definitely know their stuff - the almond cake with raspberries and vanilla custard filling was delicious - the frosting was made with real butter, all the right stuff.
cupcake boxes
Last but not least, as thoughtful gifts for a sweets-loving foodie, I also received two of these cupcake-shaped boxes and some cake shaped chocolates from Burdick - le "Petite Chocolate Gateaux" - each decorated to look like a little cake. The Parentals also kicked down a 7.5 quart Le Creuset to match the other two I got for Christmas. Guess I'd better get to braising! Today at least we're having the weather for it.

Many thanks to all who wished me well this past week - I was truly thrilled and grateful! ;-)

Photo Credit - the cupcake box photo is from Rose and Radish - the linked site where you can purchase them.


  1. I had two of those cup cake box thingies for my birthday last year too - one big, one small

    I was at bar Crudo last night and thinking of the fun time I had there with you.

  2. Even though I am limiting sweets, your post makes me crave some of that cake! And I love those little cupcake boxes!

  3. Hi Sam - I saw that on twitter - made me crave that lobster salad! I love that place, and we did have fun that night.

    Deborah - thanks for stopping by! I need to limit sweets too after this week... :-)

  4. This message is from Charlie: "I'm so glad you liked my cake. Thanks to you, I think I may have a future as a food stylist!"

  5. I love those cupcake shaped boxes...never saw anything like that before, thanks! And that cake looks so pretty.