Friday, August 29, 2008

A Sold Out Slow Food Nation

Capay Organics Produce at the Farmers' Market
I'm about to head down to the Civic Center to participate in what's being billed as the "largest food celebration in America." It's pretty exciting, and I'm both impressed and a little disappointed to see that they've sold out of tickets for nearly all of the events. (I was hoping to get a couple for a friend to join me.) When I bought my tickets, only a couple of things were sold out - but now even the Taste Pavilions are closed.

I'm really curious to see if this event "comes together" - if it feels like a cohesive happening, or if the disjointed nature off the presentations and events prevents that. I hope it does, because I think that's what people are really looking for - a way to connect and feel like part of a larger movement. I'm doing two Food for Thought sessions today - one on designing new Food Systems and one on Relocalizing Food, and I'm looking forward to checking out the Marketplace, Victory Garden and "Slow on the Go" food. (Kind of like a Slow Food food court.) If you want to check out the happening, these events are open to the public and don't require tickets.
Bar Crudo - Lobster Salad with Burrata, Arugula and Heirlooms
Last night I had a fantastic dinner at Bar Crudo with Sam from Becks and Posh - we put away a bottle of Cava, and shared some phenomenal seafood dishes. It was really great to catch up too - it had been quite a while. The lobster/burrata/heirloom tomato salad there is just to die for. It may sound like a bit of an odd combination, but when all three of those ingredients are at their peak they really compliment each other. (The photo above is actually last year's version - this year's, with sweet corn, is even better.) After dinner we went over to Orson for some dessert and cocktails.
The difference between the atmosphere in there on our earlier visit and last night was stunning. The room felt and looked completely different, and the menu has been changed a bit. We each had an after dinner cocktail - Sam tried one with their housemade chocolate liquor, which was very nice, and I tried one called the "Sunset" - made with tequila, sherry, madeira and nocello. It might sound like a lot of ingredients, but it was delicious. We also did a little dessert sampler that had some interesting flavors - we really liked the tasting of pluot with olive oil mousse and honey ice cream, and the figs with armagnac. My only complaint was that the textures were all very similar - they were all samples of something soft, with a mousse or an ice cream (or both) and Sam was disappointed that the "Pigwich" was gone. Maybe next time...
Tommy and I are heading out this evening - possibly to SPQR, or to Zuni, if I can keep him awake long enough for a 10:30 reservation!


  1. I'm getting food fatigue just reading about this trip! ;-) Actually, I'm just very jealous.

  2. I had a blast catching up with you last night! Have lots of foodie fun, AliceQ-style over the rest of your stay and say hi to Tommy from me!


  3. No Pigwich! Noooooo! That's one of the best things on that sampler plate.

    Haven't hit Bar Crudo yet, but definitely would like to -- need to put that on the list.

    Looking forward to reading more of your reactions to SFN -- it's interesting to read all the different perspectives on the event!

  4. I want to go!! Have fun. Sounds amazing.