Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taste of Slow Food This Saturday in Old Town!

Overland Mail Anniversary 020
Just a reminder that The Fifth Annual Taste of Slow Food is taking place this Saturday evening on the Plaza in Old Town State Park from 5-9 PM! The event will feature tastings from food stations staffed by local chefs, featuring fresh, seasonal organic produce, artisan meats and cheeses. Local wines and beers will be available for tasting, and unlike in past years, 2 glasses of beer or wine are included in the ticket price of $65.00.

Participating Chefs include: Dean Thomas, Jim Phillips and Duncan Firth, Barona Casino ♦ Bernard Guillas, Marine Room ♦ Tom McAliney, Brandt Beef ♦ Katie Grebow, Café Chloe ♦ Timothy Au, Molly's ♦ Antonio Friscia, Dish ♦ Scott Wagner, ChileCo ♦ Jeff Massey, Stone Brew World Bistro & Gardens ♦ Margarite Griftka, Starlite ♦ Christy Samoy, Sea Rocket Bistro ♦ Leah Di Bernardo, Delytes Catering ♦ Ray Kau, Whole Foods ♦ Javier Plascencia, Restaurante Romesco, ♦ Margarita Salinas di Carrillo, Don Emilianos's ♦ Mrs. Trimmer's Restaurant ♦ Berta Utreas, Berta's ♦ Bob Gibson, Pasado Del Paseo ♦ Jeanne Ferrell, Cold Stone Creamery ♦ Elizabethan Desserts ♦ Mario Montes, El Agave ♦ Samantha Hanan, The Market ♦ Café Coyote ♦ Acapulco ♦ Connie Puente Miller, El Fandango ♦ Victor Jimenez, Cowboy Star.

Purveyors and Farmers include: Brandt Beef ♦ Hamilton Meats ♦ Gina Friese, Venissmo Cheese ♦ Michael Antonorsi, Chuao Chocolate, Barry Logan's La Milpa Organica, Phil and Juany Noble's Sage Mountain Farm, Sweet Tree Farm, Helene Beck's La Vigne ♦ Jackie Anderson's Jackie's Jams ♦ Debra Katz, Sadie Rose Baking Co. ♦ Ana Salcedo's Old Town Ice Cream ♦

Local Breweries and Wineries include: Greg Koch's Stone Brewing Co ♦ Port Brewing Co ♦ Alesmith Brewing Co ♦ Hacienda de las Rosas Winery ♦ Salerno's ♦ San Pasqual Winery ♦ Twin Oaks Valley Winery ♦ Woof'n Rose Winery.

More from Slow Food San Diego:
"Proceeds will benefit the projects of Slow Food San Diego and The Old Town San Diego State Park. Slow Food is a celebration of food from field to plate. Slow Food San Diego hosts events throughout the year including farm tours, educational tastings and celebrations of food all of which are open to the public. Slow Food supports the delicious simplicity of produce grown by sustainable farming; from animal breeds and heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables to handcrafted wine and beer, farmhouse cheeses and other artisan products; these foods are all apart of our cultural identity."

Transportation :
The park is located across Congress Street from the Old Town Transit Center. For information on public transportation visit http://sdcommute.com/ and http://www.amtrak.com

You can purchase tickets here. Hope to see you there!

photo of the Brandt Beef folks from the recent 150th Anniversary of the Overland Mail Route held last August - more photos here


  1. Thanks for sharing this event. I was thinking of going, but for $65.00, not so sure. I'll look into it.

  2. Bummed to miss this. Family obligations, as you know.....

  3. A couple of people have emailed me to ask me about the price and whether it's worth it. Considering the fact that it's a fundraiser, the quality of the food and the setting, I say yes.

    At $65.00, the price is actually lower than it was two years ago at Orfila Winery (the last time I went) and includes two alcoholic beverages - none were included at Orfila, so it's actually a little better value now that it was in the past. (It's also closer, at least for us!)

    I figure we could easily pay about that much for a meal at one of the participating restaurants - but this gets us out in the fresh air, meeting other fellow conscientious food lovers and participating in the local Slow Food community. The opportunity to participate in this community, see some friends and support the organization is the real draw for me - but if the party is anything like the ones these guys have put on in the past, the food will be worthwhile too! Hope to see you there!

  4. For those that think $65 may be a bit high, you may want to contact Slow Food San Diego. I know that a few days ago they were soliciting volunteers to either serve beer or help set up for 2 hours. If you volunteer you can buy tickets for a discounted price of $45.