Monday, October 13, 2008

Mary's Donuts - Santee

Donuts at Mary's in Santee

There are a lot of donut shops out there that are all the same (or at least it seems to me) and while a bad donut is something like bad pizza (how bad can it be?) - a good one is something to behold.
Mary's Donuts in Santee

This is one of a few places in San Diego to get a really good donut. We don't have the "fancy" shops like San Francisco and NYC - where Dynamo Donuts and Doughnut Plant have taken hold, but we do have Mary's.
Mary's Donuts in Santee

Mary's has been in Santee for a long, long time, and for that same amount of time they have been making good donuts. The difference is apparent in both the flavor and the texture. The edges are crisp, the glazes and frostings taste like something other than straight sugar, and that ersatz flavor you find in so many other donuts is blissfully absent.
Mary's Donuts in Santee

I had been craving a donut with crisp edges for weeks, ever since a mention of one popped up on Twitter, and finally made it to Mary's this past Friday to pick up a box for the office.
Two Dozen Mary's Donuts

I couldn't make up my mind between the Old Fashioned and the Buttermilk Bar, so I split the difference, with half of each.
Chocolate Old Fashioned from Mary's Donuts

Glazed Buttermilk Bar from Mary's Donuts

It was sooo worth it.

Mary's Donuts
9031 Mission Gorge Rd
Santee, CA 92071
(619) 448-4800
Open 24 hours.


  1. One wonderful aspect of Mary's is they are open 24/7.

    I live in Santee and can buy just one...At 3 a.m.

  2. I LOVE me a good donut...although it seems I only get one once a year or so. I am def. !up for a trip down to Santee to try Mary's

  3. I *know* you didn't just diss Petersen's donut corner, in Escondido. Hands down the best donuts in the area.

  4. hi im new to this website but i have to say i just love your ideas on your page... thank you

  5. Cathy - I actually didn't know about the 24 hours until I wrote this up, but I will definitely remember it - not that I'm out at 3 AM very often anymore!

    Jora - we should go sometime - and then to K Sandwiches!

    K - Peterson's donut corner? Do tell?? I've never heard of it, but I have family in the area, maybe they have!

    Frost - thanks for stopping in and saying nice things!

  6. I drive by Mary's every day and everyday I want to stop. The best donuts in S.D.!

  7. I agree with K -- I have never been to Mary's, but Petersen's ... ahhhh *Homer drool*. It is a modest donut shop that many would probably overlook, but they make great, big, tasty donuts. I can vouch for the old-fashioned, mm.

    To Petersen's!

  8. Crispy's Donuts on East H Street in Chula Vista is the best in the South Bay. (It's right around the sidewalk from Ralph's and must NOT be confused with Krispy Kreme!!)

  9. Leucadia Donut Shoppe is also pretty good but no donut I have ever had has beat VGs. People here in Cardiff get mutinous if you buy from anywhere else.