Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A visit to Martha Stewart Everyday in NYC

In the Martha Stewart Everyday Test Kitchen

An unexpected highlight of the recent trip to NYC, was a visit to the offices of Martha Stewart Everyday Food with Amy Sherman, of Cooking with Amy. We went to meet Deb Puchalla, the Editor in Chief of Everyday Food, a lovely woman with whom we both correspond on Twitter. We also met up with Eddie Ross - a designer and stylist who works at Martha Stewart and was a contestant on the recent season of Top Design. I wrote a little bit about Eddie's recent feature in Domino here on my style blog. (I'm actually doing Nablopomo over there too, posting info on local boutiques, artists, designers, home ideas and fashion picks every day, so please check it out if you get a chance!)
In the Martha Stewart Everyday Test Kitchen

Deb took us on a tour of the offices, which are actually about to move soon to a location further downtown. This Midtown location was originally the offices of Martha Stewart Omnimedia, in fact Martha's office is still in the building. We walked by it but of course she wasn't in. The offices are decorated in a style very much in keeping with Martha's aesthetic - simple with lots of white, pale "Martha green" and stainless steel. This kitchen - now the test kitchen for Everyday Food - used to be the test kitchen for Martha Stewart Living. It looks the way you'd want your dream apartment kitchen to look - galley style, with long stainless steel tables down the center, a huge gas range, steel front refrigerator, deep stainless sink, and cookbooks everywhere - shelves upon shelves.
Cookbooks in the Martha Stewart Everyday Test Kitchen

Also everywhere, not in the kitchen but on the office walls, were the magazine layouts - pasted up for everyone to review. We saw the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas issues of Martha Stewart Everyday and Martha Stewart Living. Thing is, they weren't THIS year's layouts, but NEXT year's. Everything in this business is done a year ahead because of the printing and publishing schedules and because everything has to be tested in season when the ingredients are available. Ever try to buy squash or pumpkins in April? Good luck.
In the Martha Stewart Everyday Test Kitchens

I also made a new discovery. After seeing it pasted up on the wall, I ordered a subscription to the new Martha Stewart magazine "Body+Soul" - it's full of healthy recipes made with whole foods, tips for green living and relaxation, and the photography and layouts just looked really cool. I'm looking forward to checking it out. I also told Deb that I really miss Blueprint. (I was always intrigued by this skirt - held together by one button, and made by tracing an oatmeal can on ultrasuede, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't look anything like that picture on me!)

It was a real pleasure to meet Deb, and just like the Gourmet Institute, the visit to the offices just made it that much more fun to read the magazines. I also really appreciate the fact that they have me on the sidebar of their Dinner Tonight blog - it's a great source for fast, easy recipes and time saving tips just like the magazine. You can also check out their webpage here for newsletters and more recipes, and order a subscription to the print magazine here!


  1. What an exciting place to visit! It looks like a really cool place to work. Those bookshelves of cookbooks alone are tdf.

  2. Oooh how jealous I am!! I went to the Martha Show a couple months ago, but you got the behind the scenes private tour. I'm also a Body+Soul fan and I miss Blueprint dearly!


  3. That does look amazing. What a fun trip you had!

  4. Thanks guys! It was really interesting, and Deb is just so nice. I'm a long time MS fan, so it was a huge treat.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. Look at those shelves straining under the weight of all those cookbooks!

    You were very good not to try to smuggle some out of the studio---I would have worn my puffiest jacket and taken an armload of books, just in the hope that some of the magic would rub off on my humble collection back home :)

  6. Alice,
    Thanks for such a nice post--was lovely to meet you and show you around. Thank you for keeping private what you saw exactly (not too much of a scoop that next year we'll be covering Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. But shhh anyway!) Let me know when you're in town again.

  7. what fun. I would love to see that studio and to see them all in action.


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