Thursday, February 05, 2009

1962 Barbie Dream House

I came across this on eBay the other day, and can't get over how freaking cute it is. This is the original Barbie Dream House - the first one they ever came out with. I don't know about you, but I would have died for one of those Barbie Townhouses in the early 70's - the one with the elevator? My parents got me the Barbie Country House (which is also on eBay) instead one year for Christmas, and I think I probably should have had therapy over the disappointment.
The whole thing is cardboard, so complete ones in good shape are pretty rare. Still, these only cost about $30.
I want my front door to look like that!
Doesn't this look like a Domino spread? *sniffle!* Check out the open top record player. We had one of those - and there are record albums with real titles, and books, and little cardboard pillows. All of the furniture is folded and put together.
here's a longer view - Love the pink interior of Barbie's closet - and that picture on the wall.
Here's a closer look. Cool huh?

Looking for more info, I ran across this great little essay on the subject of the early Dream House - check it out.


  1. Don't hate me but I had the Barbie house with the elevator (though I remember it being called the Barbie Town House, as the Dream House was something even more decadent). It was seriously one of the highlights of my childhood and my sister and I played with it for years and year.

  2. My grandparents had this, some of the furniture was missing but I loved it!

  3. I had both. The Dream House was given to me as a hand me down from my older brother's girlfriend. I wanted to really live IN it. My mother got me the Town House with elevator (spending more money then she probably could back then) when I was older and just about the age of outgrowing Barbie's so didn't get as much use out of it.

    Thanks for posting the pictures because it is something I'd wish I still had.

  4. That is AWESOME! I love that it is made of cardboard. I want one although my children would likely destroy it.

  5. I still have mine from 1962 furniture and all in great shape.Will sale for rigt

  6. OMGoodness!It's my barbiedreamhouse down to the last detail! I BOUGHT a house with that white tile EXACTLY on the floor and never knew why until now! I HAD A COUCH FOR YEARS the looked almost EXACTLY like barbie's plaid cardboard couch and everybody hated it but I IMMEDIATELY LOVED IT! and never knew why until I saw that pic!

  7. I have this dream house too. It is in great shape and am willing sell due to moving.

    1. Jennifer...How much are you asking for your dream house? I had one as a child and if I could find one for the right price I would love to give it to my granddaughter. Email me at Thank you...Diane

  8. As we were cleaning my parents basement the other day. We found mine safely tucked away in the back. I can't believe she still has it. Passing it on to my 4 year old now.

  9. My friend had that house!