Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Policeman's Dream...

Coffee and a Jelly Donut coffee drink at LA MILL

at least, that's what I think they should have called it!

This photo, taken on June 27, 2009 in Los Angeles at LA Mill in Silverlake, depicts a specialty coffee drink made with - are you ready?

Donut infused milk.

Called "Coffee and a Jelly Donut" on the menu, the drink starts with a small dollop of jam, topped with layers of the aforementioned infused milk and espresso in a large-ish narrow shot glass. Our barista instructed James (who ordered it) to sip it slowly at first, then incorporate a bit of the jam - adding more to make it sweeter. It did taste just like coffee and donuts. Homer Simpson would have been very happy.

The whole notion reminded me of the cereal infused ice creams at Momofuku Milk Bar - something I've been wanting to try, and thinking about experimenting with at home. Perhaps Donut infused ice cream is not too far fetched an idea?

And isn't that whole lucite pedestal thing just killing you?? It's so over the top. But I love it.


  1. Close to LAMill is one of the best icecream shops in LA which has also donut icecream - Scoops. (They have about 50-60 often changing unusual icecreams (Foie Gras icecream anybody ?) Highly recommended. We just went to LaMill this Sunday and also had some icecream at Scoops afterwards. Did you try any of the panini at LAMill ? They were created by Cimarusti (I really liked their ABLT).
    Another new coffee option in LA is the recently opened Intelligentia in Venice which is close to the 3 Square Bakery.

  2. A police man's dream? It's also my dream. Delicious and very pretty too.

  3. I would totally buy Donut Icecream. In fact, I'm surprised no one has made that yet!