Monday, August 24, 2009

A beautiful couple, their beautiful home and some beautiful cakes on Design Sponge.

ds collage
I just can't get over these photos of newlyweds Caitlin Williams and James Freeman's splendid home and her amazing desserts. He is the CEO of Blue Bottle coffee in San Francisco, and she is a former co-owner of Miette Patisserie. They were just married at City Hall, and she is now producing these gorgeous art-themed confections for the SF MOMA's rooftop coffee bar.

Cakes designed to look like Theibaud paintings? Why didn't I think of that?? Sharp eyes will also note the Mondrian and Avedon themes. For the full story and photo credits, head on over to these two posts on Design Sponge - about their home and about the sweets.

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