Friday, November 13, 2009

Nikki McClure

I've fallen in love with the work of artist and illustrator Nikki McClure. She works in papercuts, which I find impossible to resist, and I love her simple but evocative themes: family, crafts, tasks, the weather...
they convey such beauty and emotion ...
Recently, I picked up this accordion foldout postcard book at the SF MOMA. When I unfurled it in the store, a woman immediately walked up to ask me where I found it. I don't think I will ever be able to bring myself to tear any of the cards out - they look so beautiful together.

I've since found a great source for her merchandise online at Buy Olympia a website promoting local artists from the Northwest.
If you think her work looks familiar, she has illustrated at least two childrens' books, including "All in a Day" and she did the cover art for Slow Food Nation.

A full collection of papergoods with her illustrations can be found here on Buy Olympia
The postcard book is here
The mini gift cards pictured above are here
Buy Olympia carries goods from a number of local artists - a full list can be found here
Nikki's current portfolio can be viewed here

images from Buy Olympia and Nikki


  1. I'm also a fan. I have this one in my office titled "Process." It's a good litigator's poster.

  2. oh i love these. perfect.

  3. I thought this artwork looked familiar. We just checked out All In A Day from the library. So striking!

  4. So funny. I have purchased her calendar every year for hte last three years and she has a lovely little children's alphabet book that is called from A to Nap or something like that - it doens't go through the entire alphabet. Good taste miss Alice Q. Good taste for sure.