Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday James!

Today is my darling husband James' 40th Birthday. It's a little strange to think we've been together for a quarter of that time, we met shortly after his 30th birthday, and just before mine. In some ways it seems like a good, long time, and in other ways it feels like a blip on the radar screen. I suspect that feeling will only increase as the years go by, which makes me a little melancholy in a way. It's a strange thing to know that the best years of your life are flying by - I guess all you can do is hold on to what you can, and enjoy them the best you know how.

Last night we had a 10 hour power outage due to the Great Storm of 2009, so we spent the last night of James' 40th year sitting in front of the fire with candles all over the house, drinking beer. Altogether, it wasn't a bad way to usher in a new age - but of course we have big plans for tonight too. Stay tuned for more on that coming soon!


  1. Well said, Alice. Happy 40th, James!

  2. aaaaawwww, thanks Alice.

    Mr. Q. Foodie

  3. happy b-day to your hubby...beer by candlelight sounds like an awful nice b-day to me ;-)

    ps -- mr Q. Foodie and i share a b-day...fun!

  4. Happy Birthday to a fellow December baby, Mr. Foodie!

  5. Happy birthday James! Candlelit beers sound very romantic! My husband turned 40 just a few weeks ago and I whisked him off to hawaii, which went pretty well!

    Incidentally we've also been together for 10 years this year too!

    Congratulations! (oh and I'm another december birthday too!)

  6. Jimmy is one of my very favorite people! And what a nice, romantic way to usher out one decade and greet another.

  7. p.s. That picture is so......HIM.

  8. Very sweet Alice. I can't believe it's been 10 years that you've been together. You don't really believe these are "the best" years, do you? The best are always yet to come. Otherwise it is depressing! ---- tracy

  9. How funny. Jeff's b-day was the 7th and we actually flying into SD during that storm. We were diverted to AZ and stuck for about 3 hours. So beer and candlelight sounds terribly romantic to me. Happy belated B-Day, Mr. Q Foodie!


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