Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring To Do List...

Tulips on the Magnificent Mile - Chicago
  1. renew passport and plan a trip.

  2. go photo safari-ing

  3. restock birthday cards

  4. make Thomas Keller fried chicken

  5. order melon seeds

  6. plan summer movie nights in the backyard

  7. buy some lavender and sage plants

  8. get herb barrels going

  9. plant tomatoes, cutting flowers and pole beans

  10. get some handmade leather sandals

  11. get knives sharpened

  12. make lemonade

  13. eat popcorn for dinner

  14. read more books

  15. go swimming

  16. go to Disneyland (the hankering comes around every couple of years.)

  17. lounge in the back yard

  18. make ice cream

  19. clean my office

  20. Spring clean kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, hall closets and light fixtures

  21. send cuckoo clock out to be fixed and copper pots to be retinned

  22. eat fava beans and strawberries

  23. walk the dogs

  24. hike Torrey Pines and go to Pannikin Bookworks after for lunch and some browsing

  25. go to Barry's third Saturday pizza potlucks at La Milpa

photo of last Spring's tulips in Chicago


  1. I love your list. It sounds like you'll be having a wonderful spring.

  2. I love it! I need to plant some stuff too, probably just tomatoes and herbs this year. I need to read more books too! I was on a roll and then you know....

  3. haha. We have recently started eating popcorn for dinner once a week. How funny.

  4. I have really been enjoying your blog. Getting knives sharpened has been on my to-do list forever too. I went to Marukai, bought a two-dollar plastic handle sharpener (real stone element inside) and my knives cut like they're new again. I would not have believed it possible if I hadn't tried it. Loved your list today!