Friday, July 09, 2010

Portland Ho!

We've just landed in Portland - a city I've never visited but always wanted to check out, so I'm pretty excited. We won't be there for long, & the itinerary is jam-packed.We're actually staying in two different hotels - James insisted on staying our first night at the McMenamin's Kennedy School, a funky artsy remodeled elementary school turned hotel near the airport. The Kennedy School is close to the 30th Street strip where Beast & several other restaurants run by the same group reside - including DOC, Yakuza & Fats. They're booked with wedding parties for the rest of the weekend so we're moving to the Ace Hotel downtown on Friday, but we're actually coming back to the hood on Friday night for dinner at Beast. It's the one place I just HAD to go. It was the hot ticket during the IACP convention and I've been hearing about Naomi Pomeroy for years.

We're also planning to do the food carts on Friday (I'm all about the schnitzelwich at Tabor) and check out Pearl Bakery, Clyde Common, Stumptown Roasters, Voodoo Doughnuts & maybe Kenny & Zukes. How I'll eat all that I don't know, but I guess I'll find out!


  1. hi
    hope u had fun in Portland. Its such a gem of a city and there is always a new restaurant opening so we are always in time do try Dove vivi Pizza, Ned Ludd, Bar Avignon and Taste unique


  2. Portland is great city. How was the Kennedy School? I have driven by it in route to the airport, and have had a great lunch at McMenamins' Troutdale location. It's ploughman's was excellent.