Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fabric Necklaces {A Crafty How-To}

Crafting Community at the Ace Hotel

I'd be hard pressed to say which project from the Crafting Community weekend I enjoyed more - this or the paperclip necklaces. These are actually easier in a way, though the prep is a little more intensive with the fabric and all. We started with strips of Splendid fabrics - super soft, thin jersey, but really, anything would work - this would be a great re-use for t shirts and clothes you no longer wear, baby clothes, etc. The large wooden beads can be purchased at any craft store, such as Michaels or Jo-Ann (make sure they have pretty big holes in the center.)
Crafting Community at the Ace Hotel

There's really nothing to it. You just take two strips of fabric, knot them together and off you go. Add beads, add new strips of fabric, braid, knot, weave, create drops and loops - it's all up to you and there's no going wrong.
Crafting Community at the Ace Hotel

This is Emma's creation - I could not figure out how she did those loops, but I love them.
Crafting Community at the Ace Hotel

This was Caelan's - she went with more of a pendant style.
knotted necklace

This is what I came up with. Being an inveterate tinkerer - I came home and undid it and made a completely different necklace - choker length and symmetrical, but that's another fun thing about these - if you want a do-over all you have to do is untie your knots. People were making really amazing bib necklaces, belts and sashes, head wraps, etc. No clasps, rings or tools are needed because the stretchy fabrics slide over your head - or you just knot them around your neck, waist, wrist or whatever else

To make your own, just cut as many strips as you desire of fabric about 1 inch wide by 12 inches long. Fold one over the other and start knotting - adding beads as you go. To push the fabric through the beads, use a wooden skewer or toothpick. To set up a rack for the fabrics like they did, push the strips through rings and attach to larger rings - then loop around a branch or stick suspended between two poles. You could also rig up an attractive display on a laundry rack for a smaller party using hinged snap rings. This would be a great party activity since it's easy and quick, and so much fun to see what everyone comes up with!

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