Thursday, October 28, 2010

{Inspired by} Blue Walls

I have a thing for blue walls - four rooms of our house are already painted various shades - a dusky one in the bedroom, a deep blue gray in the living room (exactly like the last photo), a bright royal in the powder room, and a robin's egg light turquoise in my office/studio. We did all that painting five years ago, and I'm starting to lobby for more. I want to re-paint a wall in the kitchen/dining room that is currently apple green to a steely, light gray-blue and paint over the last remnants of a yellow that I hate with the same taupe in the rest of the living room and hallway.

And after seeing these deep turquoise and peacock shades? I think I'm coming for the bedroom next.

top two photos via, bottom three via


  1. This rooms looks very cool, kinda sleepy relaxing vibe with the walls=)

  2. The "thing" you have for blue - I'm the same way about red. Really rich, deep, saturated reds with a bit of cinnamon. I have a lot of it in our bedroom and accents in the office and the living room.

    Love the pops of white you have with the blue. It really keeps it from falling off the edge and being a little "too serene." Very nice.

    Here's a quote that's brought a laugh often, "Never eat blue food." Words to live by. *wink*

  3. i love these blues. they would be perfect for a bedroom.


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