Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Feeling Oddly Inspired.

The last few weeks have been a real bear, for reasons I won't burden you with - but something strange is happening at the same time. When I should probably be feeling unhappy or sorry for myself, I haven't been at all. Instead, I've been feeling especially lucky to be here, spending my time doing things I want to do with the people I love. I've also been unusually inspired by all of the amazing things that come my way each day through the wonders of the internet. Pinterest has been a real boon for finding amazing things to look at and think about each day - and it only takes a minute, unlike blogs which can lead to hours and hours of poring over posts.

Not that blogs aren't inspiring me too... I've fallen head over heels for Diana's blog Miss Moss, not to mention her Tumblr - which is magically updated with about eighty inspiring images a day.  I'm also completely sucked into her other Tumblrs - BKFST, chronicling beautiful breakfast meals from around the blogosphere, and Home is Where the Couch Is - where I find many of the pics for my "Casa Encantada" board on Pinterest. 

Joslyn's recent post about this blog chronicling the daily routines of artists, writers and other prominent people also captured my attention.  The accounts are utterly fascinating, and have prompted some serious examination of my own routines (or lack thereof...)
Pantry at Delancey
Then there's the phenomenal display of skill, style and strength that went into the renovation/construction of The Pantry at Delancey, as described in  Brandi's post about the process on her charming blog I Made That! I have fantasized in that past that if I were to suddenly lose my job,  I would take on some serious construction projects around the house.   I harbor this secret belief that I am handy because I inherited it from my grandfather - though I've never attempted anything more strenuous than screwing a picture hanger into the wall.  I kind of doubt this theory will ever be put to the test, but it would be interesting.
luisa wedding
Next, the beautiful, utterly magical wedding of Luisa Weiss, which recently took place in Italy.  Both she and Molly of Orangette wrote posts about it that have stuck with me for a couple of days now.  It strikes me as the perfect celebration.  Not overly precious (no cupcakes, balloons, mason jars or mustaches in sight) just lots of family, friends, fantastic food and a stunningly beautiful setting - not to mention the gorgeous, glowing couple.  Read more about the details here. Photo by Molly of Orangette

And finally, last but not least, I was reminded earlier today of how much I am dying to see the Bill Cunningham New York movie by Victoria's post about going to see it at the Castro (if only I still lived in the Bay Area!)  I missed it when it was at the Ken, and it's not coming out on DVD until September.  I'll keep checking pay per view in the meantime, but I bet it will be a while.   The preview is beautiful - I've already watched it twice today.   I love the part where he says the key is to not take any money.  It's both completely insane and utterly brilliant - with a huge dose of charm thrown in.  Just like the man himself I suspect.

{photo collage: clockwise - image from Home is Where the Couch Is; Cafe Stella in LA on 7.3.11; Intelligentsia coffee on 7.2.11; salmon sandwich from BKFST; bar set up at our house last Sunday, 7.10.11; brunch at Farm House Cafe on Sunday, 7.10.11;  Peanut Butter cheesecake brownies, made with leftover peanut mousse from this on 7.10.11; Pizza at Pizzeria Mozza on 7.1.11, and us on a hike in Griffith Park in LA, 7.2.11}


  1. I probably don't say it enough, but YOU inspire me. Daily!

  2. And I'm with you, Luisa's celebration seemed like a perfect classy, warm, grown-up event. I must have missed my invitation darn it!!

  3. Thank you for the lovely mention!

  4. ok i don't know if i should thank you or curse you ;-) those miss moss tumblrs...totally addicted!

    great post...i agree, in the sea of social media, it's great to find the really interesting/inspiring stuff

    p.s. thanks for the shout out.

    have a great weekend

  5. p.s. -- i second Jora.

    you are on my "hugely inspiring" list.

  6. @Brandi - of course! @Joslyn sorry! ;) I admire your ability to consistently find something interesting, original and thoughtful to say - it's a real gift. Thanks for your kind words! xoxox

  7. Love this and your pinterest is my absolute fave place for inspiration!! I have to hold back from just repinning everything you find...happy weekend lady!

  8. What a great list, especially Bill. I also have to admit I snap right over to your pins, b/c it's always something inspiring! Happy joy-hunting :)

  9. Omigosh, what a fun blog I have stumbled upon! Love that rainbow room, funny how modern vintage things can looks sometimes.

  10. Alice, I think I know your sorrow (over our mutual friend) but thank you for continuing to shine the light here with your wonderful ideas and positive energy. I've gotten so many great ideas from your website that I certainly must owe you a residual now or something. :)

    Peace and grace,
    Christy S.

  11. Thank you so much for your kind, kind words about our wedding! We did our best to just plan it as a really fun garden party and it exceeded our wildest expectations. :)