Monday, August 08, 2011

This Week's Fascinations

I had a very busy week this week, but still managed to spend plenty of time thinking about my latest obsessions - chief among them, going to Sayulita, Mexico next year to renew our vows in one of these dresses - and renting out the Petit Hotel d'Hafa (and possibly their seven bedroom vacation home) for all our guests...
”The story about these girls is movie material. The family consists of nine brothers and sisters, some born in France and others in Africa. Their parents raised them in various places around the world, including St. Barth’s, which is where they got the idea to buy a seventy-five foot wooden boat, which they painted the Rasta colors of red, gold, and green, and then sailed around the world for a decade. They accumulated friends, lovers, and children along the way, and soon the gypsy family traveled in three boats, seeking out the best surf towns and forgotten beaches around the world. While the brothers kept sailing, a few of the sisters decided to settle in Sayulita, where they all live together in a building that also houses their boutique, Pacha Mama. It conveniently overlooks the best surf spot in town.” - Life Content via Luster. 
You can read more about the sisters and their boutique, Pachamama on a lovely blog called Luster - where I shamelessly poached these photos.  (For full photo credits visit the link.)
40s girl

I also ran across and loved this photo retrospective of teen fashions from the 40s on Miss Moss.
Meringue desserts are one of my favorite things - and I was lucky enough to enjoy this one over the weekend, made by a friend.

And finally, you must be living under a rock if you haven't already seen this video - but it is one of the best things I have seen in a long time so I can't resist sharing it.  Juno the 8 year old beluga whale, dancing to a serenade by mariachis.  At the end you'll hear his caretaker say "Thanks guys, he really enjoyed it."   People taking care of animals like this just makes me really, really happy.

I am working on that edible edition of the Little Black Book I promised you, and have a few other things to share when I have a spare minute or two.  See you soon!


  1. Ooo, yes. That hippy boat family is super fascinating. I admit that type of thing is totally a fantasy of mine. Have you tried Sayulita's little neighbor, San Pancho, too? It's up and coming and their Hotel Cielo Rojo is small and fantastic.

  2. That looks like an incredible place! And what a family? Any chance you'd like renewal photos? ;) Also, where can I find one of those dresses?

  3. Thanks for the mention! xo Jennifer | Luster

  4. Oooh Sayulita! I was married there 8 years ago and everyone still claims it was the most fun, special wedding they've attended! Many of our friends have gone back for another vacation. Hotel D'Hafa looks truly amazing. Another cute spot for guests is Villa Amor and I highly recommend Don Pedro's restaurant. You're going to LOVE it.

  5. Kim - absolutely! I have already thought of that :) The dresses were for sale on their website, but seem to be sold out for now anyway!

    Jennifer - of course! Thanks for letting me poach your photos!

    Kate - That is so fantastic to hear! I am just getting started thinking about it, but would love to get some more info from you!

  6. Can't wait to see the pictures. I think it's so cool that your doing a renewal ceremony. Josh and I will be married 20 years next year, but all I want to do is go to Greece. Here's hoping I can pull it off.

  7. We are going to Mexico this fall, but I'm so sad we aren't going to Sayulita. Next year!!