Monday, November 14, 2011

Indian Princess Inspiration

Indian Princess Party

A good friend of mine is throwing an Indian Princess-themed birthday party for her four-year old daughter this weekend, and I've volunteered to dust off my baking skills and make the cake, decorated with a teepee or feather motif.  My nieces are also coming down to attend the party (they've become fast friends with the birthday girl and her brother) so I am hoping it will be a fun project for all of us!

I'm having a hard time coming up with photos of cakes for inspiration, but I did find a few for color and design.  The birthday girl has specifically requested vanilla cake, so I've been looking at these recipes from Sweetapolita.   If you have any beloved favorites, feel free to throw them my way!  I have a go-to chocolate recipe, but have yet to find a vanilla cake that knocks my socks off.

Fingers crossed that it will turn out well enough that I can post some pictures next week!

Have a good week! xox

*Update on how it came out here!*

1.  Feather Headdress via Style Milk Shop
2.  Teepee from Svpply
3.  Feather Cookies via The Kitchn
4. Indian Party via Sara's Party Perfect
5.  Rug via Brittany Jepson on Pinterest
6.  Window Decorations via Moccasin Telegraph.


  1. Good luck! My go-to these days is the confetti cakes vanilla cake, I can also recommend the smitten kitchen best birthday cake as a great vanilla cake!

  2. Thanks Jenny! I was having second thoughts yesterday, but I do think it will be fun. We'll see how it turns out! I have big shoes to fill :)

  3. That sounds exciting. I love a challenge like that. You might be able to do some kind of feathering with that technique of making concentric decorative circles on the top of the cake and drawing a bamboo skewer across them.

    I'm afraid Jora might get arrested by the Waldorf police if you use confetti cake, though ;-)