Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tomboy | Dream Collective | Clare Vivier - Silverlake

 Tomboy, Dream Collective, Hive & Clare Vivier - SilverlakeThough eating was close to the top of our list of reasons for going to LA last weekend, our primary goal was to visit one of my favorite little corners of the world - at Micheltorena and Sunset - to do a little shopping.
Tomboy - Silverlake This little strip just happens to host my favorite boutique of all time - Dream Collective - Jora's favorite kids' store - Tomboy, and the Clare Vivier store - which sells my favorite line of bags and leather goods. Tomboy is especially well-curated for a children's store, with lots of cute imported handmade goods, Beatrice Valenzuela shoes in kids sizes, textiles and clothes from Bobo Choses that won't "bling" your kid out like some other children's boutiques. It's the kind of place where you wish a lot of the stuff came in your size.
Dream Collective - Silverlake Dream Collective is the costume jewelry line of Kathryn Bentley, and her shop - just next door - revolves around her jewelry collection and complementary items like Beatrice Valenzuela's shoes, hand dyed clothing, stained glass art made by her husband David Scheid, and other luxe bohemian delights.  I love David's glass in the front windows, and you can see one of his pieces hanging on the wall on the left.
Dream Collective - Silverlake The cases contain her two jewelry collections - the costume line called Dream Collective and her eponymous fine jewelry line. The Dream Collective line draws on primitive cultures for inspiration, and the delicate fine jewelry is made with 14 karat gold and natural gemstones such as turquoise and tourmaline.  It's all gorgeous.
Dream Collective - Silverlake The bottom two shoe shelves feature a wide selection of Beatrice Valenzuela's soft leather handmade shoes and booties - not many in size 10 though I'm afraid.
Shoes at Dream Collective - Silverlake Clare Vivier's shop - right on the corner - offers an assortment of her elegant and simple leather bags, as well as a curated selection of items including Chateau Marmont candles, Rodin cosmetics, simple jewelry and leather accessories.
Clare Vivier - Silverlake Clare Vivier also stocks Heather Taylor's linens.   I'm coveting the purple and blue cocktail napkins - which seem to me like they could be used for all kinds of things.
Heather Taylor Home linens at Clare Vivier - Silverlake
If that isn't enough - next door to Clare Vivier is a shop called the "Grilled Cheese Shop" - which I haven't tried, but hello!? How could you go wrong?  And there is a salon in between Dream Collective and Clare Vivier called Hive which sells the full line of Davines hair products.  Last time I was in town I popped in there to pick up some sample size shampoo and conditioner because I had forgotten mine, and landed on the Nounou line, which has since become my all time favorite.
David Scheid Stained Glass from Dream Collective
Needless to say, there were a lot of great options, but the only thing I brought home was this David Scheid piece from Dream Collective.   I'm kind of in love with it.  It wasn't the last thing I fell in love with on this trip though - more on that coming soon.  :)

1406 Micheltorena St
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Dream Collective
1404 Micheltorena St
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 660-2000

Clare Vivier
3339 Sunset
at Micheltorena

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