Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How to have fun at Disneyland


  1. Take your adorable nieces, ages seven and ten. Buy them the crazy Ed Hardy and Jack Skeleton ears that they want and have their names written on them.
  2. Take them to the Minnie and Friends character breakfast at the Plaza Inn and watch them go crazy getting autographs and pictures with all the characters.
  3. Go to the Blue Bayou for lunch, not dinner.
  4. Get lots of Fastpasses. Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and Soaring Over California have the longest lines. (Also, if you can, use the Single Rider and child swap options - details here.)
  5. Go on the Matterhorn first, because they don't have Fastpass for that one.
  6. Wait until the major construction is done to go (unless you, like us, are using discounted tickets that expire April 12.)
  7. Watch the Electrical Parade and feel like you too are ten years old again.
  8. Eat their popcorn. It's laced with crack.
  9. Avoid Downtown Disney on Saturday night. And avoid the Rainforest Cafe at all costs.
  10. Spend the night (at least one) at the Grand Californian hotel and take the kids to the pool in the afternoon when the park gets hot and crowded. This also works for grownups.
  11. Don't wear jeans on Splash Mountain or the Grizzly River Rapids ride (and get a plastic bag beforehand for your purse and other belongings)
  12. Take a seven year old on the Tower of Terror and listen to her scream, then ask to do it again.
  13. Watch the "making of" video out in front of Captain EO - complete with Young George Lucas, Young Francis Ford Coppola, lots of 80s dancers and very large cameras.
  14. Get a fritter at New Orleans Square
  15. This one is from a friend: skip the line at Ariel's Grotto and go to the "bar" where you can have cocktails and the kids can split a pizza.
  16. Get the kids autograph books - we didn't realize it, but these days (for little kids anyway) it's all about meeting the characters and getting their autographs.
  17. Go up inside the Sleeping Beauty castle (entrance on the left as you go through)
  18. Look for Hidden Mickeys, like the gleam in Mr. Toad's left eye (statute in the queue) and the plates on the table in the Haunted Mansion.
  19. Eat at the Napa Rose at the Grand Californian instead of the overpriced options in the park. It's so much better and no more expensive.
  20. Go on the Monsters, Inc. ride and check out the hilarious upended sushi bar scene.
  21. Wear sunscreen and comfortable shoes.
  22. Scream your head off on every ride.