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Monday, February 07, 2011

Michelle Armas

Michelle Armas - Zena
Hey there! One reason I haven't been posting much here in the last week or two, is that I've been busy doing a little decorating around the house.   You wouldn't believe how much work it is to buy cartloads of stuff at Ikea and West Elm and take it all back the next day! 
Michelle Armas - Mimi
Right about the time I started this project, I also discovered Pinterest.  It's a site that lets you bookmark items and store them on "pinboards." It's a great way to show off things you like, and create inspiration boards for decorating projects, parties, etc.  It's a lot of fun to create and curate your own boards and see what other people have pinned.  You can follow them, and their boards will show up on your feed.
Michelle Armas - Onshine Hand Painted Blocks
I created a pinboard for this project, and I am pleased to say that one of the items I pinned is now hanging on the wall. It's the Michelle Armas "teeny painting" - pictured below (at about actual size, come to think of it.)  I've been loving her work for a while now.   This little mini cost about $40. - a steal if you ask me, and if I had the funds, I'd definitely spring for one of her larger paintings. She sells some of her works, including the blocks above and some small paintings, in her Big Cartel store.  (I got one of her cool signed calendars too.)
Michelle Armas - Tenny
Her work appears to be rapidly gaining in popularity, and she now sells her larger scale works through a  gallery.  Just browsing through it, it appears many of the larger scale works she had available just a few weeks ago have sold. As of press time, the one below "Capri" - a 48 inch square painting, was still available, but the price has shot up in just the past few days from $1000 to $1400(!)   
Michelle Armas - Capri
This one would look nice in the living room - which I've now started in on too. I've bought one...two, three...four?  Yes, four rugs for the living room floor, and what's currently on it?  Nothing.   You should feel sorry for my husband.

For more information and images of her art, check out Michelle's blog, Armas Design.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Little Winter Market

front window
So if I hadn't been in NYC last weekend, I know where I would have wanted to be - at the Ace Hotel in Portland for the Little Winter Market, hosted by Abby from Abby Try Again and Chelsea of Frolic. Doesn't it look fun?
jordan ferney
Several amazing craftspersons and artists were there, including Jordan and Paul Ferney, above (how about that hello?) and Herriott Grace. The jewelry below is by Sulu Designs. The full vendor list with links can be found on their webpage. The good news is most of them also sell online.
This means even if you weren't at the event, you can still buy the work of these artisans online...
little winter
For example, you can get these adorable little houses from My House Party here...

and the sweet, dreamy goods of Fieldguided here...
Nature inspired papergoods and jewelry from Mossiere can be found here, (brought to you by the folks behind Unruly Things)
and these cool decals and ceramics from Shanna Murray are here and here. She also did the window decals for the event - which looked just perfect.
shanna murray
Shanna also does a sweet monthly desktop background, with a calendar, a quote and a lovely photograph. This month's with a Thanksgiving theme is available here.
View of Little Winter from Outside
Maybe this makes your holiday shopping a little easier? I know it did for me! Cheers!

Photos by myhouseparty and kristienkahn from the Little Winter Market Flickr Pool.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vegetal Portraits

I'm fascinated by these whimsical 16th Century portraits by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, with each feature and element created from ordinary objects, most of them vegetal. They're beautifully detailed, bizarre and even grotesque.

View the full slideshow here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nikki McClure

I've fallen in love with the work of artist and illustrator Nikki McClure. She works in papercuts, which I find impossible to resist, and I love her simple but evocative themes: family, crafts, tasks, the weather...
they convey such beauty and emotion ...
Recently, I picked up this accordion foldout postcard book at the SF MOMA. When I unfurled it in the store, a woman immediately walked up to ask me where I found it. I don't think I will ever be able to bring myself to tear any of the cards out - they look so beautiful together.

I've since found a great source for her merchandise online at Buy Olympia a website promoting local artists from the Northwest.
If you think her work looks familiar, she has illustrated at least two childrens' books, including "All in a Day" and she did the cover art for Slow Food Nation.

A full collection of papergoods with her illustrations can be found here on Buy Olympia
The postcard book is here
The mini gift cards pictured above are here
Buy Olympia carries goods from a number of local artists - a full list can be found here
Nikki's current portfolio can be viewed here

images from Buy Olympia and Nikki

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lisa Ruyter

ruyter trees ii
When I started thinking about posting about art on this blog, Lisa Ruyter was one of the first artists who came to mind. Except, I couldn't remember her name. I've developed this thing as I've gotten a little bit older where information sort of burbles to the surface of my brain slowly like the answer in a Magic 8 ball. This week, after much stewing and many incorrect guesses, the name Lisa Ruyter just popped into my head out of nowhere. I ran to the computer to do a Google search, and lo and behold...
ruyter paris
I first noticed her work when I flipped through an issue of Elle Decor and saw one of her paintings hanging on a wall. I liked the simple lines and the juxtaposition of the bright poppy colors with the organic, detailed subject, which was a stand of trees much like this one:
ruyter dark waters
It just struck me as totally original, and my little lizard brain said "want." Well, of course Ms. Ruyter is a very famous and successful artist, so this is probably as close to owning one of her works as I will ever get, but that doesn't stop me from admiring them or sharing them with you. I hope you like them.
ruyter trees
All photos via Lisa Ruyter's website - where galleries of her work can be viewed. More here (for sale) on

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



I just love this painting by my fellow food blogger Karina Allrich. All of her work is amazing, but this one just blows me away. Purchasing information and more about the artist can be found here.

I also love this piece she wrote about being the wife of an artist. If you follow one link on a blog today, let it be this one!

Karina's beautiful (and gluten free) food blog - "Karina's Kitchen," can be found here.

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