Monday, August 23, 2010

Osteria Mozza Inspired Crostini with Leeks Vinaigrette & Buratta Cheese

Crostini with Leeks Vinaigrette, Prosciutto, Buratta and Mustard Breadcrumbs
A couple of weeks ago, I told you about a great meal we had at Osteria Mozza. So last week, I recreated part of that meal for my monthly supper club - a crostini topped with braised leeks in a mustard vinaigrette, crisp prosciutto, buratta (extra creamy fresh mozzarella) cheese and mustard bread crumbs. I found Nancy Silverton's recipe for the leeks, buratta and breadcrumbs online, and modified it to simplify it a bit and recreate more faithfully what we'd had in the restaurant.

It was still a pretty involved dish, and as I went through all the steps (in my friend Lisa's fabulous newly remodeled kitchen) I wondered if it would really be worth the effort, or if this was one of those restaurant dishes that exists because it can - because there are multiple chefs on hand to make all of the different components. When the guests arrived and it was time to dig in, the answer was clear.

The only thing I'd do differently next time is make twice as many.
Crostini with Leeks Vinaigrette, Prosciutto, Buratta and Mustard Breadcrumbs
Crostini with Leeks Vinaigrette, Burrata, Prosciutto and Mustard Bread Crumbs
adapted from Nancy Silverton and Osteria Mozza
- serves 8

1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 tsp. red wine vinegar
1 tsp. finely chopped shallot (or 1/2 a garlic clove, in a pinch)
1/4 tsp. salt
few grinds of pepper
3 tsp. whole-grain Dijon mustard ( or 2 tsp regular)
1/4-1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil

Mustard Bread Crumbs
2 tsp. whole-grain Dijon mustard
1 tsp. dry white wine
2 tsp. canola or olive oil
1 cup dry bread crumbs
1 Tbsp finely chopped parsley

Braised Leeks
4 large leeks (at least 1 inch thick)
2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
¾ cup low-sodium chicken stock
½ lemon, cut into ⅛-inch-thick slices
6 thyme branches
Coarse salt

4 balls of fresh burrata or mozzarella in whey, cut into 16 1/2 inch thick slices.
3 thin slices of prosciutto or speck

1 baguette, thinly sliced on the diagonal.

Prepare the leeks:
Preheat the oven to 375. Wash the leeks well, trim the dark green and root portions, and cut each one into pieces about 2 1/2 inches long, then split in half lengthwise to form four pieces. Remove the tough outermost layers and place the pieces flat side down in a 9 inch square baking dish, crowded together (it's important that they're crowded.) Drizzle the olive oil and chicken broth over the top, lay the thyme branches and lemon slices over the leeks and season with a little sea salt and a few grinds of pepper. Cover the pan tightly with foil and roast for 25 minutes. Remove the cover and roast for 15-20 mins more, until the leeks are tender and just a little juice remains in the pan. If the outer layer is still tough after baking, remove it. (If you do this, drizzle with a little lemon juice and add a couple grinds of pepper and a sprinkle of salt.) Set aside to cool.

while the leeks are in the oven...

make the vinaigrette:
Whisk together all ingredients except the olive oil. Slowly drizzle the oil in, whisking continuously. (Taste after 1/4 cup and add more as needed.)

when the leeks come out of the oven...

make the breadcrumbs:
heat the oven to 300. In a small bowl, stir together all ingredients except the parsley. Spread on a sheet of aluminum foil and bake until dry and crisp but not browned - about 10-15 minutes. Using the foil, pick up the crumbs and pour back into a bowl. Stir to crush any lumps with a fork or your fingers and when cool, stir in the finely chopped parsley.

then toast the bread:
heat the oven to 400. Arrange baguette slices in a single layer on a baking sheet and toast lightly for about 5 minutes.

and the prosciutto:
turn the oven up to broil and place the prosciutto or speck slices on a sheet of foil
Watching carefully, bake about 2-3 minutes, just until dry and slightly crisp. Tear into pieces about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide.

When the leeks are still slightly warm, spoon the mustard vinaigrette liberally over them in the pan. (You may have some left over. In fact, it's not a bad idea to multiply the recipe and have a lot left over - it comes in pretty handy!)

To assemble the crostini:
Place the toasted baguette slices on a serving platter. Place one leek slice on each piece, flat side down, and top with a piece of prosciutto. Lay the buratta slices on top of the prosciutto. Sprinkle the cheese liberally with the mustard breadcrumbs and top each one with a couple of drops of aged balsamic vinegar.

e Mangia!


  1. How I held myself to one, I'll never know. That was seriously one of the best things I've ever eaten. Thank you so much for the recipe. Can't wait to try it.

  2. I agree with Heidi on all accounts, except one! I was able to eat four - the benefits of having them prepared in my kitchen before y'all arrived. Seriously, one of the best things I have ever eaten. YUM!

    Alice, you need to add this dish to your entertaining repertoire recipes - truly amazing!!!

  3. This looks DELISH!! I have to make this. I may just try it Sunday.

  4. Thank you Thank you for posting this. I just had the burrata at Osteria Mozza and was inspired to recreate it. So thank you for jumping the gun and posting this recipe.