Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sprinkles Cupcakes
Did you know that Sprinkles is coming to San Diego?  Actually La Jolla, to be exact. The new store opens this Thursday, January 13, 2011 in the Whole Foods shopping center formally known as "The Shops at La Jolla Village" - off the 5 Freeway at Nobel Drive, close to UCSD.

If you're planning a visit, this chart tells you which flavors they have on what days. After pretty extensive sampling of their cupcakes up in Orange County, I can say that I like their Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Marshmallow (like a Hostess cupcake) and Carrot Cake the best. Some of the other flavors such as vanilla, strawberry and banana can be a little tough and dry on off days. 

There will probably be lines, at least early on - but if you're willing to order at least a dozen, you can order ahead and pick them up.  I may actually swing by there this Sunday with my nieces if the timing works out. I'll say it's a special treat for them, but I'm sure they won't be nearly as excited as I am.


  1. How fun! I love reading your blog & all of the local SD connections, as I live here too and consider myself a "newbie" & a "foodie." I'm still discovering all that San Diego has to offer by way of food! Thank you for this information on Sprinkles!

  2. They had a soft opening this Sunday and the lines were impressive. Most people talked about waiting in line for more than two hours. We might try them in future but never understood the run on cupcakes (even though we like all kinds of pastry in general). We tried some from other shops and they were OK (but often too sweet). Do you think Sprinkles is much better than others ?

  3. Courtney - thanks! I have a new local restaurant writeup coming up so lookout for that!

    honkman - I do like most of their cupcakes. Tthe frosting is very sweet and dense, but you can always eat less of it. To avoid sugar shock, I cut the cupcakes into quarters and spread the frosting on the cake like peanut butter.I think they have good flavor, they use real ingredients, etc. As I mentioned, I have had issues with some of their cupcakes being a little tough and dry occasionally - almost as if they over mixed the batter - but the four I mentioned are always pretty good. If you check them out, I really recommend the dark chocolate - and the chocolate marshmallow just has a thin layer of glossy ganache on the top if you don't like goopy frosting.

  4. I've tried most of the cupcakes and they are pretty rich. The frosting is a little bit out of control...

  5. At 37 weeks pregnant I stood in the 1.5 hour line for the sneak peek opening day a couple weeks go. My husband thought I was crazy but it was worth it in the end. Red Velvet or Carrot are my favorite. I think they do a better job of frosting control compared to other places I've visited.

  6. Pre-ordering the cupcakes are the way to go! You have to order at least a dozen though, but totally worth it because you get to skip the line!