Sunday, July 03, 2011

15 Things I Do Not Need to Ever Do Again

  1. eat a tasting menu with more than 7 courses.  (Ok maybe 9, TOPS.) 
  2. order wine pairings to go with said tasting menu - unless they're shared.
  3. iron anything, ever.
  4. chew sugared gum.
  5. chew sugar free gum.
  6. go to a dance club.
  7. leave the house on a Friday night.
  8. buy furniture at Ikea.
  9. hike N. Fortuna Mountain. (Just take my word for it.)
  10. wait longer than 30 minutes to get into anything, anywhere.
  11. go to a zoo. 
  12. wear cheap shoes - unless they're tennis shoes or flip flops.

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